Nenad Hudek is a globetrotting photographer specializing in capturing the life of various cultures. Nenad Hudek was born in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) and grew up in Croatia and Germany. He discovered photography at the age of 23 taking panorama pictures of various places. In 2007, whilst studying in London, Nenad bought himself a Nikon D80 and decided to take a course in photography at the University. During the course he learned how to handle a camera. While studying abroad, Nenad lost himself in the streets of London taking pictures. This is where everything has started and no one knows where this is going to end. Stay tuned!

Photography is a passion to me, where I forget about time and my mundane life at home. I love to spectate life and catch various moments. I prefer travelling alone to ensure my artistic freedom. Only in my artistic freedom I find new ideas for the final picture. Anyway, photography equals freedom to me, a freedom that fulfills myself. By taking pictures I simply want to understand my surrounding and communicate it to viewers. Every new journey is to me a new discovery of a different social life on this planet that is fascinating. I donĀ“t see a camera as a gadget, I think more of it as beautiful instrument that delivers beautiful colors and interesting objects combined with shadows, lights and backgrounds.